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“Whistle While You Work But Please Don’t”

You may notice headphones are part of the wardrobe in any architecture office but what’s playing? Eight hours of drafting, revisions, and modeling can be a long time to sit in silence but what’s happening outside of the hustle and bustle between calls and meetings? So what to listen while you work… Here’s what everyone is listening to in our office!

Laurie likes the quiet rhythm of the office butwhen she’s in the mood for some music you can hear soft rock music like Jack Johnson coming out of her speaker.
Shane typically is on one conference call after another but when he has the chance or needs to concentrate listens to fast paced music like Electronic.
Evelyn doesn’t like silence and always has a podcast playing, subjects ranging from Architecture to Star Wars. When I really want to concentrate I put on the Brain Food playlist on Spotify.
Alex say’s If I’m only doing plan/drawing work , just spaces and parts and pieces and how something should look: Podcasts and Audible, sometimes Broadway soundtracks, which is embarrassing.  If I’m doing words – notes, emails, proposals – lots of different kinds of music, but generally something that isn’t going to distract me. Favorites are: ‘80s synth-pop; Modern electronica – both dance-y and more chill – singer/songwriter; classical; and movie music soundtracks. A lot of the time words-type work requires all my concentration, so I can’t listen to anything.
Josh likes to listen to podcasts while he works, “7 Minutes of BS” or “Modern Craftsman” Podcasts and sometimes he likes to keep up with what’s going on with the nation by listening to White House press briefings.

If you’re interested in listening to some designed based podcasts here are some that we’ve stumbled across the podcast-sphere.

EntreArchitect: Business Tips for a Small-firm architects. Everything from social media to budgeting and fees.


DnA: Design & Architecture: Latest trends and how design can shape our world.


A History of Architecture:  History buff galore, history of architecture and design in a storytelling format.


99% Invincible:  A podcast about design and how we’ve become numb to the design around us.

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